Collegehumor dating video

Warning: Racial issues aside, many of the punchlines here use dirty words.

A rabbi, a priest, and a content marketer walk into a bar…. Well, patience, Vine-brain–you’ll just have to wait until I’m good and ready.

With over 4.5 million subscribers, College Humor is also a top-ranked You Tube channel.

Along with the 100 million monthly video streams, College Humor fans also devour a smorgasbord of non-video content like comics, articles, and even a feature film, There you have it–the 18 things College Humor can teach you about content marketing. It turns out that they have something called “The SIV” that Greenberg describes as “our secret formula for viral videos that makes sure that certain videos have certain aspects about them.” Bummer he won’t share.

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Axford and Murphy star, playing multiple couples and even some of the supporting characters.

On the whole, we have to say that the crew at College Humor is pretty good at exposing racism in a humorous way.

We loved their clip about “Columbusing”—a term for white people discovering things that non-white people already knew about.

And “Diet Racism” hits the nail on the head with the “I’m not racist, but” crowd.

College Humor’s “Flowchart: Is Your Halloween Costume Racist? The College Humor kids have their heads on straight when it comes to the subject of race. It uses that old “Eskimos have a zillion words for snow” line to discuss the many complicated dating scenarios of the modern age.


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