Male seeking shemale dating

For valid reason, most feel compelled to mention the fact their transsexual at least some place within their ad - which often attracts trans-curious guys who’ve seen some tranny porn and want to explore the non-op / pre-op concept. The happiest love relationships I witnessed of post-op TS women wired to men found their mates during everyday life and living.Alas, most guys don’t even know the difference: Also, some men don’t react well to our history and feel they’ve been tricked. In those instances, the man had a chance to first get to know and fall in-love with this amazing women and not be surprised by her history. Most men aren’t nearly as willing to play the role of “financial rescue” compared to non-op versions.

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TAT is dedicated to men of all kinds who are interested in or curious about the world of transgenders and connecting them with the hottest, sexiest transgenders in the world.

For many, the waning female attraction is rooted in reduced attraction to a vagina: since they now already have one & “see” it daily.

Also, it’s only natural to want the benefits of the prototypical ying-yang of love.

The trans-girls with the most successful history with love and dating men have their stuff together.

Alas, you simply must bring your A-game because of the level of competition you now entered.


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