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The disappointments, frustrations, expectations, divorces, hurt, anger, fear, loneliness.

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Singles Travel International: Creating life-changing singles travel experiences and unique opportunities to meet the world…together!!! The day I saw there was a cruise without a single supplement was when I signed up. STI was fantastic from the office staff to our cruise hostesses June and Georgia.With the help of Single Travel's celebrity experts, single women will take part in a variety of incredible workshops and interactive seminars that will help them discover who they are, make them who they want to be, and attract the kind of wonderful people they have always wanted to meet.They will meet, mingle, and mix it up with the very best: Kira Sabin, "The Dating Makeover Coach", host of Your Weekly Dating Makeover radio show and author of If I am so Smart and Successful, Why Am I Still Single?The award recognizes people who have contributed to the growth and preservation of New York.Between work, family, friends, dating, and other commitments, life for single women today is complicated and often leaves them feeling stuck.There was a time, during Alex Rodriguez’s 2013 “wild west show” summer of lies, lawsuits, demonstrations and general anti-Yankee, anti-MLB mayhem, that baseball’s now most notorious drug cheat invoked the name of George Steinbrenner in an email to Yankee president Randy Levine, pleading for a truce.


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