John travolta dating

- John Mellencamp produced an oil painting inspired by street art that pointedly declares, Martin Luther King had a dream, and this aint it.

King deliberately looks nothing like the civil rights leader.

He shared with "Olivia has always been an incredible human being and an inspiration to millions of people.

If we all put our intentions for her to get through this—I know her so well—she will feel it, and it will support her. We're wishing the 68-year-old all the best as she seeks treatment, especially as this isn't the first time she's been diagnosed with breast cancer.

"[He] thought it was like, the best thing he had ever seen.OJ Simpson: American Crime Story,” revealed he may contribute to Ryan Murphy’s next series focusing on Hurricane Katrina.Travolta used his own plane to help bring supplies to the area after the hurricane hit.“She's clever,” he said, adding, that he’s a fan of Meghan Trainor’s “No” anthem. Her name is no,” then laughing, “You got to let it go…teach your child that.” Travolta, who played Robert Shapiro in the acclaimed FX series “The People vs.You were right.” John said that was news to him as well.


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