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Soon came university and I got a degree in Languages (English and Portuguese) and Literature.

I’ve always chosen to teach at private language institutes, helping teenagers, young adults and adults develop their language skills.

How does he treat others, especially service people (waiters, waitresses)?

Romantic love has been called the only acceptable form of insanity.

My social media insights always point to Los Angeles, Miami and London as the top three cities.” Even if the Cougar hot spots can be debated, Lucia says one thing is always consistent.

“Cougars are independent and are not always looking for a long-term relationship with a younger man.

Mad as a box of frogs, but I’m honest, decent, and good fun.

I prefer laughing to crying, smiling to frowning and believe in living as there's no point in sitting on your death bed wishing you'd done all the things you should have when you were young enough to be able to do them.

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Online dating is social media at its best, so why pay for a profile?

I'll always give an honest answer to any question - even if it gets me in trouble.

However, I won’t speak to anyone being rude or smutty so please don’t insult me by trying it.(a) I don’t like quick flirts(b) I wont even reply to anything that’s rude/dirty so don’t expect to have a female from me in your inbox thanking you for taking the time to send me something that even Razzle would have rejected.(c) PLEASE don’t mail me with "what are you looking for" - it says very clearly at the top of my profile (d) Married women or attached women looking for a bit of "fun" or anyone just plain sleazy - bugger off.

(e) And if I opened your email but didn’t reply within 5 seconds PLEASE don’t mail me telling me I’m ignorant or rude or any other insult - I don’t stay on here all night and will get round to replying to people eventually.

OK - now that THAT’S out of the way, we are all very different and looking for different things and if I say thank you but no thank you, its not meant as an insult as I would never hurt anyone’s feelings intentionally - I’m just very honest and I talk straight.


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