D3 armory not updating

It was created by authors of Wo WProgress, the biggest Wo W Rankings Website. Press "Update Now" button on your character list page. All characters are updated automatically every few days.

Diablo Progress is a Diablo 3 Database and Community Website for advanced Diablo 3 players.

You can use the search field at the top right on the official site: Europe: US: What you need to do is search for the complete battletag there, i.e. This will let you look at their characters and items.

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Overclocked in one spot and bottlenecked in another. Of course you ignored the benchmarks with high end games that show no difference in framerate. Till then, you're just a lame ass scrubby scrub from the world of Scrublo 3 whose opinion doesn't matter to Path of Elitists.

The first major change will be the Armory feature which was first announced at Blizz Con last year.

This new features lets players store up to five different skill and armor builds for each character. Diablo 3 has a unique feature when compared with the previous versions, a character doesn’t have to commit to a skill set.

However if you don't know the exact battletag you can visit the semi official site Here you can just look for the player name whithout the #numberhere.

The original purpose of this site is displaying a ranking based on different aspects of the game so it's not as well designed as the official D3 Website but has a clean structure for the competitve aspect of the game.


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