Speed dating for mentally challenged

What the Outsiders Club Offers A free service run largely by disabled people, all of us on a voluntary basis.

Outsiders is not like other dating clubs – not just a place to look for a partner and give up if nobody seems to live up to your dreams.

Speed Dating Limerick has been set up with the aim of bringing like-minded single people together.

Speed Dating Limerick aims to be the number one choice for singles in Limerick and the surrounding areas who are looking to have fun and meet new people in the area.

We only accepct people who can handle their own affairs without assistance, and become wonderful friends and partners.

Here is a list of our services: Regular Local Lunches and Events These are friendly and welcoming gatherings in lovely quiet accessible venues, usually gastropubs, run by a team of members, sex therapists and ex-members.

Lyle score free visits to three metropolitan areas in the country, or ignored by history, which is major.

The ladies take a seat at the designated table and the men will spend up to 5 minutes with their date and then move on to the next table.

It’s like moving to a foreign country, and not speaking the language.” According to psychologist Philip Belove, Ed.d ([email protected]), the process of finding someone new happens in stages.

“At first you’re still reacting to what’s happened.

We offer a warm and dynamic online and live environment where members can have fun, support each other, gain confidence, learn, move forward and enjoy relationships.

We hope new members realise that, the more they get involved in Outsiders, the more likely they are to find the partner of their dreams.


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