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She was publicly humiliated when he cheated on her with Britney Spears, but Shar Jackson has finally won an apology from her ex-fiancé, Kevin Federline.K-Fed admitted behaving abominably during their time together, leaving her for the pop star while she was pregant with their second child.In the 2007 season of Fit Club, during a heated exchange, contestant Dustin Diamond (the actor commonly known as Screech from Saved by the Bell) challenged Walden to "physical combat".Walden responded to the challenge after Dustin refused to follow their diet and exercise plans.'I really do want you to know that I am sorry.' Shar admitted she was left in a bad way by Kevin and Britney's relationship, and told him: 'I felt like the whole relationship was not real by the way you handled it ending - and that killed me.' 'That wasn't it. They then hugged and, rubbing her back, Kevin told her: 'I just want the best for you.'Shar said it was the first time she has seen the Kevin she knew since they split up.'For the past few years I felt, I don't know who this dude is inhabiting Kevin's body, but that's not him.But at that moment I saw Kevin and thought: "That's awesome".'Shar started the show at 146 pounds - and ended at 128 pounds, down 18 pounds.But while the series makes a concerted effort to emphasize healthy weight loss over fast results -- setting sensible weight-loss goals customized to each contestant -- the message could easily be misinterpreted by impressionable teens who might try to slim down on their own at a faster rate without a doctor's supervision.

"You chickened out on that ropes course," Walden told the rapper. "She came in, and we did some trampoline and some deep conditioning with her," Furman told IG. We did a lot of exercises with a gymnastics base." The episode originally aired on June 10. Da Brat's teammates on the fifth season of "Fit Club" are country music artist Cledus T.

Don't you ever, in your fucking life — in your fucking cartoon life...

HARVEY: And if you ever fucking go to A, you better standby.

His screaming, which is a hybrid of drill sergeant-style motivation and verbal abuse, might be too intense for young children.

Two female contestants have posed nude for Playboy magazine, prompting the display of a few suggestive pictures for nostalgia's sake.


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